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Taking on behemoths in the health industry through digital marketing

Taking on behemoths in the health industry through digital marketing

Available from Cummings Creative Group

Amidst the growing competition from national behemoths, GlobalHealth found themselves on the brink of market rivalry. Yet, with CCG's innovative approach, they emerged more potent than ever before. Overview: The Challenge: As the healthcare titans encroached upon GlobalHealth's territory,... Read More

Website Closers - Social Media & PPC Campaign

Website Closers - Social Media & PPC Campaign

Available from Lounge Lizard

The Marketing Mixologists at Lounge Lizard have grown Website Closers’ online brand identity through PPC, social media, SEO, marketing strategy, and content creation. Now boasting 1 million followers on Facebook, Website Closers is one of the most trusted experts when it comes to buying or... Read More

Rebranding a rockstar doctor's office

Rebranding a rockstar doctor's office

Available from Blue Aspen Marketing

**Case Study: The Rebranding Mastery - Dr. Cory's Journey with Blue Aspen** **Introduction**: Sometimes, all it takes for a profound transformation is the right partnership. When Dr. Cory of the Arizona Institute of Motion (AIM) approached Blue Aspen Marketing with the challenge of rebranding... Read More

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Digital marketing case studies from the master

Available from Cummings Creative Group

\"Dive into the Digital Depths: Unveiling Masterclass Case Studies in Digital Marketing!\" Prepare to embark on a riveting journey through the digital realm, curated by the industry's maestro! Each case study is a testament to innovation, strategy, and pure marketing genius. This collection... Read more

Uptick's DEFINITIVE Digital Marketing Blueprint 2023

Available from Uptick Marketing

Unveiling Uptick Marketing's 2023 Blueprint: Navigate the Digital Seas Like Never Before! Embark on a digital odyssey with Uptick Marketing's refined and laser-focused Digital Marketing Blueprint for 2023. This isn't just another guide; it's your ultimate compass for digital domination,... Read more

MBN Digital Marketing Success Continuum

Available from My Biz Niche

My Biz Niche: The Pioneers of Progressive Marketing Step into the revolutionary world of My Biz Niche’s \"Digital Marketing Success Continuum.\" This isn’t just a marketing method; it’s a symbiotic dance of data, creativity, and relentless innovation. Designed on a proprietary foundation, this... Read more

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Lounge Lizard

Established in 1998, Lounge Lizard Worldwide, Inc. has grown from its roots in the advertising industry to an award-winning digital agency with multiple offices across the U.S., including NYC and Miami. We pride ourselves on understanding the essence of branding and marketing strategy. Whether... Read More

Uptick Marketing

At Uptick, based in Birmingham, Alabama, we are your trusted digital marketing agency dedicated to helping your business grow. We believe in proven strategies built on integrity and hard work, and we understand that you deserve results-driven solutions. Read More

Ballistic Agency

At Ballistic Agency, we've carved out a niche in the vast digital landscape by offering bespoke services tailored to each client's unique needs. In the world of Search Engine Optimization, we comprehend that there's no one-size-fits-all. Constantly adapting to the fluidity of search algorithms... Read More

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