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About NisonCo

NisonCo isn't just another marketing agency; they're the architects of authentic narratives in the cannabis sector. Public Relations, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization are more than services to them; they're tools to elevate industry players and their stories. By understanding that public relations isn't merely about media coverage, but the right kind in the right places, NisonCo crafts tailored strategies that resonate.

Client Showcase: NisonCo has sculpted impactful campaigns for leaders like Reepher, Ardent, and Brightfield Group. Harnessing their proprietary database of over 10,000 reporters, from local to national platforms, they ensure these brands shine where they matter most.

In the cannabis realm, standing out demands more than expertiseit requires a unique voice and a dedicated platform. NisonCo provides both. Beyond securing prime media spots, they:

Position clients as industry thought leaders.
Secure speaking engagements at top-tier conferences.
Offer aid in applying for coveted industry awards.

Through their bespoke approach, NisonCo doesn't just promote; they advocate, educate, and lead the conversation.

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Products by NisonCo

By NisonCo

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4 Tips Before Engaging a Cannabis SEO Agency

4 Tips Before Engaging a Cannabis SEO Agency

4 Tips Before Engaging a Cannabis SEO Agency

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