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About Starnes Media

At Starnes Media, meaningful Content Marketing forms the backbone of our approach, educating and guiding your audience. Through stories, we paint the authentic picture of your brand, setting the right tone for connections. We believe it all starts with you. Our award-winning writers craft personalized content, seamlessly integrating with Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Advertising. Alongside, professional photography and our imaginative creatives ensure captivating ads, resulting in versatile content aligned to both traditional and modern marketing efforts.

Our collaborations with esteemed clients, including Alabama Power, Bromberg's, and Trustmark, have transformed their brand narratives. By combining Print advertising with our digital services, we've seen brands amplify their recognition, becoming the go-to choice for potential customers. With us, the digital realm becomes less daunting - we tailor strategies to target specific audiences, whether it's showcasing your brand post their visit to a competitor or during their favorite TV show's commercial break.

What’s more?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Secure the top spots on Google, making it effortless for your audience to find you.
Pay Per Click (PPC) - Precision targeting to reach those who matter.
Print - Direct mail that ensures your content is right in your future clients’ hands.

Let's demystify the digital world together.

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By Starnes Media

How we built a following around high school football

In August 2017, Starnes Digital began a fruitful collaboration with Starnes Publishing, marking the commencement of an unexpectedly expansive project surrounding high school football. The buzz was palpable when the 2017 Football Preview Magazine was unveiled, and an off-the-cuff video featuring... Read more »

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5 Marketing Strategies for Women Business Leaders

5 Marketing Strategies for Women Business Leaders

5 Marketing Strategies for Women Business Leaders

By Starnes Media

Dan Starnes emphasizes the importance of effective marketing for women entrepreneurs in his article published on October 13, 2021. While many female business leaders might underestimate their story's significance, Starnes argues the opposite. He outlines five potent marketing strategies:...
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  • Alabama Power
  • RealtySouth
  • Trustmark