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About Cummings Creative Group

At Cummings Creative Group, we take pride in specializing in the nuanced realms of Medical and Healthcare marketing. Each project we undertake is seen through the lens of precision, ensuring flawless delivery in every digital sphere. Whether it's creating a pixel-perfect website or navigating the intricate maze of SEO, our aim remains unflinching - achieve unparalleled digital excellence.

Over the years, we've had the privilege of partnering with esteemed clients like GlobalHealth, CommerceOne, Motivated Movers, and SHOWA Gloves. Our collaboration journey spans from understanding the unique nuances of their sector to tailoring strategies that resonate with their target audience. The result? Customized digital campaigns that truly reflect the ethos of each brand.

Our offerings dive deep:
- SEO: Competing and emerging triumphant in the vast digital expanse, armed with a bespoke action plan.
- Email Marketing: Crafting impactful eblasts, continuously refining for optimal engagement.
- Social Media Marketing: Cutting through the clutter with strategies that amplify voices and widen reach.
- Content Marketing: Establishing brands as thought leaders with high-quality, insightful content.

Products by Cummings Creative Group

By Cummings Creative Group

Taking on behemoths in the health industry through digital marketing

Amidst the growing competition from national behemoths, GlobalHealth found themselves on the brink of market rivalry. Yet, with CCG's innovative approach, they emerged more potent than ever before. Overview: The Challenge: As the healthcare titans encroached upon GlobalHealth's territory,... Read more »

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Digital marketing case studies from the master

Digital marketing case studies from the master

Digital marketing case studies from the master

By Cummings Creative Group

"Dive into the Digital Depths: Unveiling Masterclass Case Studies in Digital Marketing!" Prepare to embark on a riveting journey through the digital realm, curated by the industry's maestro! Each case study is a testament to innovation, strategy, and pure marketing genius. This collection isn't...
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Clients of Cummings Creative Group

  • GlobalHealth
  • CommerceOne
  • Motivated Movers