Scare You Later - A Horrifying Social Media Presence

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Scare You Later - A Horrifying Social Media Presence (Click to enlarge image) Case Study: Enhancing Social Media Presence for Tucson Screamer's Slaughterhouse

Client: Tucson Screamer's Slaughterhouse

Agency: Tagline Media Group


Tucson Screamer's Slaughterhouse, a renowned entertainment venue in Tucson, approached Tagline Media Group with the challenge of amplifying its social media presence and establishing a robust online identity. With the growth of online marketing, the slaughterhouse realized the importance of having an impactful social media presence to reach a wider audience.


Boost engagement rates on existing social media platforms.
Increase the follower count and maintain audience retention.
Drive more online traffic to Tucson Screamer's events and offerings.

Strategy & Execution:

Content Creation: Developed a content calendar focusing on the unique features of Tucson Screamer's Slaughterhouse. This included behind-the-scenes looks, highlight reels, and testimonies from thrilled attendees.

Interactive Campaigns: Rolled out interactive campaigns such as polls, quizzes, and challenges, encouraging users to actively participate, thus enhancing organic reach.

Collaborations: Partnered with local influencers and bloggers to showcase their experiences at the venue. Their genuine stories connected deeply with the target audience.

Feedback Loop: Prioritized community management by actively engaging with comments, mentions, and messages. Additionally, feedback was taken into consideration to refine and improve future campaigns.


Engagement Rate: Saw a significant rise in engagement rates across all social media platforms within the first three months.
Follower Growth: Experienced a steady growth in follower count month-on-month.
Web Traffic: A noticeable increase in online traffic to the website and ticketing pages, indicating higher interest and potential conversions.


By understanding the core values and offerings of Tucson Screamer's Slaughterhouse, Tagline Media Group curated a social media strategy that not only boosted its online presence but also resonated with the intended audience. The success of this collaboration reaffirms the power of authentic storytelling combined with strategic planning in the digital age.

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